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Representation Agreement (Scope of Work)

Dear ("Client"):

Thank you for retaining our firm to represent you regarding the preparation and potential filing of a trademark registration application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office ("USPTO"), including general responses to Office Actions, Refusals and Requests for Amendments. Please examine this agreement carefully and let our firm know immediately if you have any questions or concerns.

I, Shannon C. Stahlin, Esq. ("Attorney"), will be the attorney responsible for your matter. For efficiency purposes, I may delegate work to other lawyers or legal assistants in our firm.

The fee for representing you in this matter will be $395.00 (Three hundred and ninety-five dollars). Client understands that he/she will be responsible for USPTO filing fees, which are typically $250.00 (Two hundred and fifty dollars) per classification. There is an additional $100 (One hundred dollars) per classification for statement of use filings for "intent to use" applications. This fee is due after the application is evaluated by the USPTO.

Though representation may continue under the scope of this agreement, the entire flat fee paid to Attorney will be earned upon the completion of any of the following: a registration application is filed with the USPTO, or two hours of actual work is devoted to the Client's account. Half of the flat fee will be earned after the Attorney completes the trademark conflict research and presents a written or verbal opinion summary to Client.

The Client understands that responses to substantive Office Actions, such as Merely Descriptive Refusals or Likelihood of Confusion Refusals, will not be automatically handled and are explicitly excluded from this agreement. If such measures are required, Client and Attorney will discuss required action, which may include further representation in responding to such Office Action. Client will not be required to hire Attorney for additional work. Client will not be billed any additional amount without Client's express consent.

The Client understands and agrees that there are no guarantees in the success of obtaining a federal trademark registration, despite Attorney's reasonable efforts. Client understands that the trademark registration application process can take several months and often more than a year. During that time period, we may need to speak with you to gather further information or additional materials. In that regard, please answer all phone calls and emails promptly. You are also responsible for updating our law firm with any new contact information, including new phone numbers and email addresses.

The Client is aware that Attorney is a licensed attorney in the state of Michigan, who offers legal services online through Stahlin Law, P.C. Ignite Legal. Direct Incorporation is not a law firm. No one at Direct Incorporation can offer legal advice or legal representation in any matter through Direct Incorporation. The attorney-client relationship entered into herein shall not extend to any communication, relationship or service offered through Direct Incorporation. Client also understands that Attorney does not share fees with Direct Incorporation for offering the above services to Client, nor does Direct Incorporation pay Attorney to offer legal services to Client.

Further, Client has read and agrees to all additional Terms of Use on


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